who is ana?

Ana founded Ana Does Nailz in August of 2019. An entrepreneurial spirit, she discovered that her love of bold sparkly nails could be accomplished by a trip to the craft store and some online tutorials. Sparked from a desire to be styled with the most extravagant, vibing acrylics, she felt underwhelmed with her choices at the average salon.

Ana began to do her nails herself and realized she had a talent for creating wildly bright, glittery, eye-catching nail designs. Friends and followers on social media were curious and inspired by her art and began sharing her unique style, word spread quickly and Ana was receiving tons of gushing reviews and questions about how they can have Dope Nailz just like her. Her homegrown talent had turned into a burgeoning business and Ana was ready to give the people what they want.

Customers can now find Ana’s creations on her website with new styles dropping often as she continues to create in hopes of providing people with wearable art that allows them to share their bold unique personalities with the world.
Ana currently resides in Florida with her super dope mom, Mimi and two amazing children.

we are proudly
made in the usa.

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    handmade with love

    and sent with good vibes, always.

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    made in florida

    tallahassee to be specific.

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    for everyone

    we don't care if you're basic or extra af,
    we luuuv you friend.

Our nails are for everyone, and when we say everyone, we mean all of ya’ll. Regardless of your race, ability, gender, sexuality, style, favorite movie, if you did your taxes (Help!), when you last washed your sheets (if you had to think about it, wash them), when you called your mother (Call her! She misses you!) which early 2000’s female pop icon was your fave (#FreeBritney!)--no matter who you are, we want you to feel beautiful and comfortably able to express yourself in all your radiant glory. At the heart of it all, we want you to feel seen. We understand that belonging is essential in a world where people from every walk of life struggle to really feel seen as who they are. We hope that with your Dope Nailz, you can confidently walk through life with the knowledge that you are seen, you are valued and that you are loved.